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Yakov Evseevich Geguzin (for the 100th Birth Anniversary)

  • L. N. ParitskayaEmail author
  • Yu. S. Kaganovskii

In this article we are focusing on the science that Yakov Evseevich Geguzin advanced every day. He was an outstanding scientist, a founder of the Kharkov scientific school of crystal physics, a professor at the Kharkov University, head of the crystal physics faculty, taught several generations of physicists and popularized science, and was a brilliant lecturer, teacher, and remarkable and talented personality. Geguzin’s works entered into the gold fund of real crystal physics—a new scientific area that formed in the 1950s-1960s. The field of physics in which Geguzin worked, dreamed, and lived was in absolute harmony with his personality and spirit and with his ability to perceive the world through the eyes of a scientist and artist.


real crystal physics Kharkov scientific school of crystal physics 

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