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Modern Manufacturing of Powder-Metallurgical Products with High Density and Performance by Press–Sinter Technology

  • V.S. KruzhanovEmail author

The professional life of Yakov Evseevich Geguzin has always been associated with powder metallurgy, which began to develop actively as an industry and as a scientific area in the 1940s. Being among the founders of the science of sintering, Yakov Evseevich always showed interest in its practical applications, contributing to their development. He gave advice to specialists in factories and institutes, taught future production workers in lecture rooms and laboratories, and described all these interesting processes with elegance, simplicity, and rigor in popular science books and scientific monographs. I was fortunate to be a student of Yakov Evseevich and to work later for many years in powder metallurgy. When I received some new results, I always asked myself what would Yakov Evseevich have said about this, how would he evaluate this or that result, what calculation would he make or what simple assessment would he give to explain a particular phenomenon, with what process from a completely different field would he compare it. I am pleased to have the opportunity to present a brief overview of the successes of powder metallurgy in recent decades in the journal in which I had the honor, in co-authorship with Ya.E. Geguzin, to publish my first scientific article.


compaction–sintering powder atomization and annealing press-ready blends highdensity compaction high-temperature sintering post-processing of sintered components automotive applications 


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