Physiological, genomic and transcriptomic comparison of two Brassica napus cultivars with contrasting cadmium tolerance

  • Shufeng Wang
  • Juanjuan Sun
  • Shengting Li
  • Kun Lu
  • Hongjun Meng
  • Zhongchun Xiao
  • Zhen Zhang
  • Jiana Li
  • Feng LuoEmail author
  • Nannan LiEmail author
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Cadmium (Cd) is the most widespread toxic heavy metal to plant growth. As the second leading oil crop, some genotypes of Brassica napus (B. napus) are potential Cd accumulators. However, the Cd translocation mechanism from root to shoot in B. napus in response to Cd toxicity remains unknown.


In the present study, a couple of B. napus genotypes with contrasting Cd uptake and root-to-shoot translocation abilities, named P78 (the high Cd accumulator, HC) and P72 (the low Cd accumulator, LC), were chosen from 39 B. napus genotypes with various Cd accumulation features.


Physiological comparison of P78 and P72 reveals that P72 is more sensitive to Cd toxicity than P78. With genomic resequencing, transcriptomics and qRT-PCR assay, BnNramp2;1 and BnNramp4;2 were focused with highly upregulation in shoot of P78 under Cd treatment condition. Furthermore, BnNramp2;1 and BnNramp4;2 can successfully complement the function of tonoplast localized Cd transporter YCF1. And when BnNramp2;1 and BnNramp4;2 were transferred in Arabidopsis atnramp mutants, the transgenic plants showed better growth rate than mutants under higher Cd stress conditions.


The results reveals that BnNramp2;1 and BnNramp4;2 were two main Cd transporters associated with enhanced root-to-shoot translocation and accumulation of Cd in shoot of B. napus.


Brassica napus Cd detoxification Genotypes Nramp gene family Transcriptomic analysis Yeast complementation 



Ascorbate peroxidase


Ascorbic acid


Biological enrichment factor


Brassica napus








Intercellular CO2 concentration




Differentially expressed genes




Gene ontology


Glutathione reductase


Stomatal conductance




High Cd accumulator


Low Cd accumulator




Monodehydroascorbate reductase






Variation of net CO2 assimilation








Superoxide dismutase


Translocation factor







This work was supported by National Key R & D Program of China (2018YFD0800600, 2018YFD0200903), National Natural Science Foundation of China (31870587; 31400063; 31500038) and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (XDJK2017B030; SWU116021; XDJK2018C095; SWU118114; SWU115018), Research Funds of Scientific Platform and Base Construction (cstc2014pt-sy0017), and The Recruitment Program for Foreign Experts (No. WQ20125500073).

Authors’ contributions

SW and NL designed and conceived the study and drafted the manuscript. SW, JS, KL and SL performed experiments and data analysis. NL, SW, KL, HM, ZX, JL, FL and SL coordinated the research and helped to finalize the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

Supplementary material

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