Abstracts 11th PCNE working conference ‘targeting patients and tailoring pharmaceutical care’. 6–9 February 2019, Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands

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Implementation of shared decision making in mental health through the use of a validated questionnaire: My Medicines and Me (M3Q)

R.M. Clifford1, D. Ashoorian1, R. Davidson1, M. Dragovic1, D. Rock1

1The University of Western Australia. (

Background: First line therapy in moderate to severe mental illness involves the use of psychotropic medications. The potentially debilitating side effects of these medications results in up to 90% of consumers discontinuing treatment. Primary care physicians, who prescribe the majority of psychotropic medications and pharmacists who supply these medications, are in a prime position to improve the quality use of medicines.

Purpose: We aimed to implement the validated M3Q into mental health services.

Method:The M3Q is a simple validated consumer-held questionnaire that supports shared decision making in the management of psychotropic medications. Following ethics approval, the M3Q was administered to...


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