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ESCP International Workshop Expanding roles and opportunities for the pharmacist in optimizing use of oral cancer drugs. 19–20 February 2018, Reykjavik, Iceland

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Oral Communications


Improving knowledge of oral chemotherapy will help pharmacists to counsel cancer patients

M. Saar1,*, M. Kand1, M. Urbala2, A. Eberl3
1Tartu University Hospital, Tartu, 2North Estonian Medical Centre, Tallinn, Estonia, 3Institute of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Background and Objective: More patients with cancer are being treated with oral anticancer drugs and these agents are often dispensed by community pharmacists. Several recent studies (Abbott 2014, Suzuki 2017) have shown that pharmacists lack knowledge of oral chemotherapy (OC) and demonstrated need for additional education and training in OC.

Design: An educational programme was developed and introduced as e-learning course for all pharmacists in Estonia within international project EPIC (Empowering pharmacists to improve health care for oral chemotherapy patients) lead by European Society of Oncology Pharmacy. The programme is divided to three modules including topics such as principles of...

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