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Thank you to the reviewers

  • J. W. F. van MilEmail author

In 2016, the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy received around 650 contributions. Many reviewers helped us to select the manuscripts that were within the scope of the journal, and presented something new or of value. We are very, very thankful for their help. Without their dedication, we could not produce such a valuable and high quality journal.

Our special thanks goes to Andrew Gray (South Africa), Roel Fijn (the Netherlands), Filipa Alves da Costa (Portugal), Adriano Max Reis (Brazil), Imran Khudair (Quatar) and Linda Gore Martin (United States) who each did 10 or more reviews during 2016!

J.W.Foppe van Mil, Editor in Chief

Carmel Hughes, Associate Editor

Yolande Hanssens, Associate Editor

Lise Aagaard, Denmark

Linda Aagaard Thomsen, Denmark

Salah AbuRuz, Jordan

Ana Advinha, Portugal

João Aguiar, Portugal

Zamzam Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, United Kingdom

Gazala Akram, United Kingdom

Enas Al Manasreh, Australia

Karel Allegaert, Belgium

Jennifer Allen, United Kingdom

Anna Birna...

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