International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy

, Volume 38, Issue 5, pp 1336–1344 | Cite as

ESCP international workshop Medication adherence—from theory to daily patient care

10–11 June 2016, Basel, Switzerland

Oral communications I

OR01.1: Patients’ adherence to chronic treatment in lung diseases: Preliminary data from a randomized controlled trial

Claudia Gregoriano*1,2, Simona Henny-Reinalter1, Sabrina Maier1, Anna-Lisa Flamm1, Thomas Dieterle1,3, Isabelle Arnet2, Kurt E. Hersberger2, Jörg D. Leuppi1,3

1University Department of Medicine, Cantonal Hospital Baselland, Liestal. 2Pharmaceutical Care Research Group. 3Faculty of Medicine, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Background and objective: Poor adherence to long-term therapies may result in poor health outcomes and increased health care costs. The objective of this study is to investigate the effects of an acoustic reminder on medication adherence in lung patients.

Setting and method:In this on-going prospective single-blind randomized controlled trial, in- and outpatients from several hospitals around Basel diagnosed with asthma or COPD and with prescribed inhalative medication were recruited. They must have experienced at least...

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