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Coronary heart disease risk screening: the community pharmacy Healthy Heart Assessment Service

  • Parastou Donyai
  • Melandi Van den BergEmail author
Short Research Report


Objectives We examined the characteristics and CHD risks of people who accessed the free Healthy Heart Assessment (HHA) service operated by a large UK pharmacy chain from August 2004 to April 2006. Methods Associations between participants’ gender, age, and socioeconomics were explored in relation to calculated 10-year CHD risks by cross-tabulation of the data. Specific associations were tested by forming contingency tables and using Pearson chi-square (χ2). Results Data from 8,287 records were analysable; 5,377 were at low and 2,910 at moderate-to-high CHD risk. The likelihood of moderate-to-high risk for a male versus female participant was significantly higher with a relative risk ratio (RRR) 1.72 (P < 0.001). A higher percentage of those in socioeconomic categories ‘constrained by circumstances’ (RRR 1.15; P < 0.05) and ‘blue collar communities’ (RRR 1.13; P < 0.05) were assessed with moderate-to-high risk compared to those in ‘prospering suburbs’. Conclusions People from ‘hard-to-reach’ sectors of the population, men and people from less advantaged communities, accessed the HHA service and were more likely to return moderate-to-high CHD risk. Pharmacists prioritised provision of lifestyle information above the sale of a product. Our study supports the notion that pharmacies can serve as suitable environments for the delivery of similar screening services.


Cardiovascular disease Community pharmacy services Counselling Directive counselling Health promotion Lipid modifying agents Risk factors United Kingdom 



The authors would like to thank Tracey Thornley and Kam Gill for their contribution and all the pharmacists who provided the service. The authors would also like to acknowledge Elaine Hartley, Harvinder Sondh and Gary Choo for the design and implementation of the HHA service.



Conflicts of interest

MvdB works for the pharmacy chain where the service was provided.


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  1. 1.Reading School of PharmacyUniversity of ReadingBerkshireUK
  2. 2.Boots UKFelthamUK

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