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ESCP International Workshop Abstracts

The Oncological Patient and the Clinical Pharmacist 26–28 May 2008, Leuven, Belgium

1—Poster discussion

Extravasation: a retrospective analysis of 27 reports

M. Ackermann1, L. Bigler-Perrotin2, N. Mach3, V. Rollason4, F. Rochon2, C. Stucki5, F. Sadeghipour5, P. Bonnabry5

1University Hospitals of Geneva, Genève, Switzerland
2University Hospitals of Geneva, Clinical Oncology Nurse, Geneva, Switzerland
3University Hospitals of Geneva, Oncology, Geneva, Switzerland
4University Hospitals of Geneva, Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Geneva, Switzerland
5University Hospitals of Geneva, Pharmacy, Geneva, Switzerland

Background In 2003, an extravasation guideline and a standardized report formulary were implemented in our hospital. Cases are regularly analysed by an expert group including a clinical oncology nurse, an oncology pharmacist, an oncologist and a clinical pharmacologist.

Objectives To evaluate the efficacy of the implemented guideline, to identify rates and causes of extravasation, and to implement additional preventive actions.

DesignRetrospective analysis...

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