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ESCP 36th European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy ‘Implementing Clinical Pharmacy in Community and Hospital Settings: Sharing the Experience’, Istanbul, Turkey 25–27 October 2007; Abstracts


Table of contents

  • PC-22 Internal customer satisfaction with pharmaceutical care

  • PC-27 Treatment of strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection syndrome in immunocompromised patients with parenteral ivermectin: two case-reports

  • PC-32 Improving the quality of consultations for nonprescription medicines (NPMs): the acceptability of simulated patient (SP) visits and immediate feedback

  • PC-52 Evaluation of buccal aerosol aequasyal® for xerostomia in geriatric ward

  • PC-58 Causes of heart failure exacerbation leading to hospital admission: a cross-sectional study

  • PC-56 Clinical pharmacist impact in collecting admitted patients medication history in a rheumatology department: risk reduction and optimization of consecutive hospitalization orders

  • PC-159 Pharmacist intervention at the pain clinic

  • PC-167 Monitoring of repeat prescriptions for asthma by pharmacist and general practitioner leads to increased control of asthma

  • PC-168 Pharmaceutical care and drug related problems in internal medicine...

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