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UKCPA Spring Meeting 2006

Conference Abstracts

Innovation/Practice Development

1 Development of a clopidogrel card for patients following percutaneous coronary intervention

S. Antoniou*, A. Richter*, M. T. Rothman#

Department of Pharmacy*; Professor of Interventional Cardiology#; Barts and The London NHS Trust, London


Restenosis is a major complication following angioplasty particularly post stent insertion. Insertion of a foreign body in the circulation may lead to platelets adhering to it and subsequent activation and aggregation [1]. Aggregation of platelets leads to thrombus formation and re-occlusion of the artery. Rates of restenosis have reduced over time due to a better understanding of restenosis pathophysiology and more aggressive antiplatelet therapy during and following angioplasty [1]. Polymer-based coronary stents eluting sirolimus or paclitaxel (drug eluting stents-DES) substantially reduce the need for repeat percutaneous intervention compared with bare metal stents, and are rapidly replacing...

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