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UKCPA spring meeting 2007

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1 The role of Primary Care Trusts in pre-registration pharmacist training—a pilot study

C. Cairns, S. Iqbal

School of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Kingston University, London, UK


Pharmacy in the UK has experienced workforce pressures over the past few years, arising from a number of sources [1, 2]. These include increased demand in hospital and large community pharmacy chains with an increasing number of pharmacies in supermarkets, along with the dramatic growth of the Primary Care sector. Simultaneously, pressure from the supply side of the workforce has led to fewer pharmacists available for full time work [1]. Although the number of pharmacists on the Pharmaceutical Register decreased by 2.4% in 2005 [2] up until then it had been growing at a rate of around 2.4% per annum over the past 10–15 years [1]. A significant proportion of the growth is the increasing numbers of both new UK graduates and overseas pharmacists entering the register for the first time. Each of...

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