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Raman scattering and self-steepening in nonlinear plasmonic waveguide pulse equation

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In this paper, we use Maxwell equations and the first order perturbation theory to obtain pulse propagation equation in a plasmonic waveguide made of nonlinear dielectric material. In this study, the effects of nonlinear self-steepening and Raman scattering are considered. Nonlinear coefficients of phase modulation, Raman and self-steepening are calculated numerically in terms of frequency and compared with a standard silica fiber. Obtained values of the nonlinear coefficients are about up to 300 times larger than that of standard silica optical fibers. So they can be used as part of all optical integrated circuit such as continuum generation, optical switching and frequency conversion.

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  • Nonlinear plasmonic waveguide
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Raman scattering
  • Self-steepening