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Determination of the kinetic parameters of glycerol diffusion in the gingival and dentinal tissue of a human tooth using optical method: in vitro studies


Due to the significant development of various optical technologies and methods used both for non-invasive diagnostics of biological tissues and for optimizing the protocols of photodynamic therapy, photothermal destruction, optical biopsy, tomography, etc., the problem of increasing of the light penetration depth into biological tissues is urgent, which is solved by the use of immersion agents, including hyperosmotic agents, such as glycerol. Moreover, the determination of the quantitative characteristics of the diffusion of immersion agents in biological tissues is important. In this work, we determined the effective diffusion coefficient of 99.5% glycerol in the tissue of the gingival mucosa and human dentin in vitro, which amounted to (1.78 ± 0.28) × 10−6 cm2/s (5.86 ± 0.40) × 10−7 cm2/s. The method is based on recording the kinetics of changes in the diffuse reflection spectra and applying the free diffusion model.

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The authors are grateful to Dr. Skibina Y. S. from SPE LLC “Nanostructural Glass Technology” for the assistance in obtaining dentin samples, as well as to Professor Aleshkina O. Yu., Head of the Department of Human Anatomy of Saratov State Medical University, for providing samples of human gingiva. VVT is thankful for support by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 17-00-00272 (17-00- 00275 (K)).

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  • Gingival tissue
  • Dentin
  • Glycerol
  • Molecular diffusion
  • Diffuse reflection spectra
  • Optical clearing