Optimization of the frequency response of a novel GaAs plasmonic terahertz detector

  • A. V. ShchepetilnikovEmail author
  • B. D. Kaysin
  • P. A. Gusikhin
  • V. M. Muravev
  • G. E. Tsydynzhapov
  • Yu. A. Nefyodov
  • A. A. Dremin
  • I. V. Kukushkin


Previously there was reported a new type of high-speed plasmonic THz detector that can operate at room temperature. As an extension of that work, the sensitivity of the detector was investigated over a wide range of sub-THz frequencies. The measured frequency response is not purely monotonic but exhibits oscillatory behaviour with a number of maxima and minima. Our study reveals that such frequency dependence is caused by the interference of electromagnetic waves inside the detector substrate, as the frequencies of these extrema are found to be governed by the substrate thickness. We demonstrate that sensitivity of this type of detector can be optimized for the desired operating frequency within 0.06–0.7 THz spectrum by adjusting the substrate thickness. We also show that a monotonic frequency response with eliminated minima can be achieved by mounting the detector on a specially designed silicon lens.


Terahertz Detection Frequency response 



The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation Grant No. 19-72-30003

The authors would like to recognize Dr. Oleg Khrichenko, a technical writing specialist at TeraSense Group Inc., for his substantial contribution to drafting, language editing and proofreading of the manuscript.


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  1. 1.Institute of Solid State PhysicsRASChernogolovkaRussia
  2. 2.TeraSense Group, Inc.San JoseUSA

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