A 2 × 1 all-optical multiplexer using Kerr nonlinear nano-plasmonic switch

  • Sajjad Bashiri
  • Kiazand FasihiEmail author


In this paper, a novel surface plasmon polariton based 2 × 1 multiplexer, which is based on an adder module and an all-optical controllable nano-plasmonic switching module is presented. It is shown that by applying a pump light, the transmissions of the input signals into the output waveguide can be controlled. The operation of the proposed device is investigated through the use of coupled-mode theory and finite-difference time-domain method. In the proposed adder module, the transmissions of the input signals at the working wavelengths are about 0.7. Based on the simulation results, by applying a pump light intensity of 150 KW/cm2 the transmissions of input signals alter with the extinction ratio of 22.04 dB, which shows a significant switching effect. For a pump light intensity of 150 KW/cm2 the switching times of input signals are measured about 560 fs. It is expected that the proposed 2 × 1 multiplexer can be used in all-optical signal processing, nano-plasmonic circuits, communication, etc.


All-optical multiplexer Coupled-mode theory (CMT) Finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) Nano-plasmonic switch Kerr nonlinearity Racetrack-shaped ring resonator 



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  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringGolestan UniversityGorganIran

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