Influence of argon flow rate on structural and optical properties of transparent Nb2O5 thin films

  • A. A. AttaEmail author
  • A. M. Hassanien
  • M. M. El-Nahass
  • Abdallah A. Shaltout
  • Yaser Abdullah Al-Talhi
  • Ahmed Mohammed Aljoudi


Transparent niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5) thin films deposited on glass substrates by RF sputtering at different argon (Ar) flow rate were contrastively studied. Analytical methods such as X-ray fluorescence, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and field emission scanning electron microscope were utilized to investigate the morphological surface and structural properties of Nb2O5 thin films deposited at different Ar flow rate. UV–Vis–NIR and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy were used to explore the optical properties of Nb2O5 thin films deposited at different Ar flow rate. The allowed optical band gap (\( {\text{E}}_{\text{g}}^{\text{d}} \)) of the Nb2O5 thin films varies from 3.88 to 3.80 eV with increasing Ar flow rate from 30 to 90 sccm. The PL of the Nb2O5 thin films showed strong emission peak around 400 nm. The real values of the refractive index are increase with increasing Ar flow rate. Optical quantities related to the optical constants of Nb2O5 thin films thin films such as single oscillator parameters and third-order nonlinear susceptibility were assessed.


Argon flow rate Structural properties Optical properties Nb2O5 thin films 



Prof. Dr. Ahmed Atta is thankful to the support of Deanship of Scientific Research, in Taif University for funding the Future Researcher Program in the Project No. 1-439-6089.


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  • M. M. El-Nahass
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  • Abdallah A. Shaltout
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  • Yaser Abdullah Al-Talhi
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