Sensitivity analysis of ring-shaped slotted photonic crystal waveguides for mid-infrared refractive index sensing

  • Lazhar Kassa-BaghdoucheEmail author
  • Eric Cassan
Original Research


In this paper, the sensitivity of slotted photonic crystal waveguides (SPCW) with triangular lattice pattern of ring-shaped holes is analyzed in order to realize highly refractive index (RI) sensor devices at mid-infrared wavelengths. The sensing principle is based on the shift of the transmission spectrum edge of these specific ring hole SPCW waveguides giving rise to reinforced light–matter interaction. The 3D simulation results applied to silicon waveguides on membrane show that this guide geometry leads to a very high sensitivity to variations in the ambient environment index, with very dependent trends on the opto-geometric factors of the waveguides. As a matter of example, a \(720 \,\mathrm{nm}\) wavelength position band edge shift is predicted, corresponding to a sensitivity of more than \(1450 \,\mathrm{nm}\) per refractive index unit with a device insertion loss level of \(-\,3 \,\mathrm{dB}\).


Slotted photonic crystal waveguides Ring air holes 3D-PWE 3D-FDTD Refractive index sensing 



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  1. 1.Department of Electronic and Telecommunications, Faculty of Sciences and Technology8 May 1945 University of GuelmaGuelmaAlgeria
  2. 2.Centre for Nanoscience and NanotechnologiesCNRS UMR 9001 - Paris-Sud UniversityPalaiseauFrance

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