Design and analysis of Vivaldi antenna with enhanced radiation characteristics for mm-wave and THz applications

  • Ritesh Kumar KushwahaEmail author
  • P. Karuppanan


This article presents a novel approach to design Vivaldi antennas for millimeter and Terahertz band applications. The radiation performance of the proposed Vivaldi antenna is enhanced by employing cross shape resonator and abridged rectangular slots at the edge of radiating arms. In the THz regime, the simulated − 10 dB impedance bandwidth is approximately 76 GHz, minimum return loss of − 58.83 dB, VSWR of 1.002, peak gain of 11.77 dB, radiation efficiency of 97.40% and directivity of 11.89 dBi are achieved at the corresponding resonance frequency of 0.603 THz. Further, in order to validate the suggested design method, targeted antennas are fabricated, tested at 0.06125-THz and 0.06215-THz frequency. The significant performance improvement in radiation characteristics are observed over the frequency band from 0.06- to 0.065-THz. The proposed THz antenna useful for the application of video-rate imaging, object imaging, detection of illicit drugs using spectroscopy, Doppler radar and/or on-body techniques and wireless communications. Similarly, the planned mm-wave antenna is useful for the imaging system.


CSR THz band Vivaldi patch antenna THz imaging Security 



The author would like to acknowledge TEQIP-III (MHRD) India and ECED MNNIT- Allahabad Prayagraj (U.P.) India to provide all the support for complition this work.


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  1. 1.Communication Laboratory, ECEDMNNIT-AllahabadAllahabad, PrayagrajIndia
  2. 2.ECEDMNNIT-AllahabadAllahabad, PrayagrajIndia

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