Refractive index from negative to positive with frequencies at the Dirac-like cone in a photonic crystal

  • Zeyu Wang
  • Guangwu Pan
  • Weibin QiuEmail author
  • Pingping Qiu
  • Junbo Ren
  • Zhili Lin
  • Qiang Kan


In this paper, we numerically study the threefold accidental degeneracy conical dispersion (Driac-like cone) at the Brillouin zone center of the two-dimensional photonic crystals, which are composed of silicon pillars arranging in a triangular lattice. The effective permittivity and permeability near the Dirac-like point evolve from negative to positive by using the method of eigen-field averaging. Also, the isotropic behaviour of the Dirac-like cone is revealed by analysing the isofrequency contours. Moreover, we carry out numerical simulations including the reverse Snell’s law effect, negative Goos–Hänchen shifts and superfocusing lens to verify the negative refractive index characteristics of the designed structure. The proposed structure might find significant applications in the on-chip photonic interconnect and the photonic integrated circuit techniques.


Negative refraction Photonic crystal Dirac-like cone 



The authors are grateful to the support by the Natural Science Fund of China under Grant No. 11774103, Project for Cultivating Postgraduates’ Innovative Ability in Scientific Research of Huaqiao University (17013082023), Quanzhou City Science & Technology Program of China under Grant No. 2018C003, Open Project of Fujian Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials and Applications under No. 2019001.


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  1. 1.Fujian Key Laboratory of Light Propagation and Transformation, College of Information Science and EngineeringHuaqiao UniversityXiamenChina
  2. 2.College of Materials Science and Opto-Electronic TechnologyUniversity of Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina
  3. 3.Institute of SemiconductorsChinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina

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