Digital signal processing in coupled photonic crystal waveguides and its application to an all-optical AND logic gate

  • Vakhtang JandieriEmail author
  • Tornike Onoprishvili
  • Ramaz Khomeriki
  • Daniel Erni
  • Jaromir Pistora
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  1. 2018 - Optical Wave and Waveguide Theory and Numerical Modelling


The realization of all-optical AND logic gates for pulsed signal operation based on the photonic bandgap transmission phenomenon is proposed. We are using realistic planar air-hole type coupled photonic crystal waveguides (C-PCWs) with Kerr-type nonlinear background medium. The novelty of our analysis is that the proposed AND logic gate operates with the temporal solitons, which maintain a stable envelope propagating in the nonlinear C-PCWs, enabling true ultrafast full-optical digital signal processing in the time-domain. The bandgap transmission takes place when the operating frequency is chosen at the very edge of the dispersion curve of one of the supermodes in the C-PCWs. In this regard, our original fast and accurate method is used to efficiently calculate the supermodes of the C-PCW system. The underlying semi-analytical full-wave modal analysis is based on the evaluation of the lattice sums for complex wavenumbers using the transition-matrix method in combination with the generalized reflection-matrix approach. As a proof of concept successful pulse operation of the all-optical AND logic gate is demonstrated in the framework of extensive full-wave finite-difference time-domain electromagnetics analysis.


Photonic crystals Waveguides Electromagnetic optics Temporal solitons 



Regarding the activities centered around the rigorous full-wave analysis of multilayered scatterer configurations D. E. kindly acknowledges the support of the DFG CRC/TRR 196 in the framework of sub-project M03. V. J. kindly acknowledges financial support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. V. J and R. Kh. kindly acknowledge financial support from Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (Grant 216662) and Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (Grant 6303).


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  1. 1.General and Theoretical Electrical Engineering (ATE), Faculty of EngineeringCENIDE – Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen, University of Duisburg-EssenDuisburgGermany
  2. 2.School of Mathematical and Computer SciencesFree University of TbilisiTbilisiGeorgia
  3. 3.Department of PhysicsJavakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityTbilisiGeorgia
  4. 4.Nanotechnology Centre, VSB-Technical University of OstravaOstrava, PorubaCzech Republic

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