The properties of a tunable terahertz multichannel filter from one-dimensional photonic crystal dope by magnetized plasma defect

  • Mei-chen Xu
  • Song LiuEmail author
  • Shuang-ying Zhong


The terahertz magnetize-field tunable filtering properties in a multichannel filter based on a one-dimensional photonic crystal doped by magnetized plasma are theoretically investigated. The considered structure of (AB)4(ACB)N(AB)4 is designed, where A and B are two dielectric layers, C is the plasma layer, and N is the defect number. First, the structure can be worked as a multichannel filter whose channel number equals N. Second, the defect mode frequencies are all red-shifted as the ratio of dielectric refractive index or the sum of the A and B layer length increases. Third, we find that the channel frequencies can be shifted as a function of the applied magnetic field and the defect mode frequencies are all red-shifted as the plasma density increases. And the thickness of a plasma layer also affects the intensity, position and number of the defect modes. Therefore, these unusual properties may provide a novel design idea of a tunable terahertz multichannel transmission filter in future.


Terahertz wave Photonic crystals Defect modes Multichannel transmission filter Plasma defects TMM 



This work was supported by National Nature Science foundation of China (Nos. 61261006, 11165011 and 11563006).


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