Generation of inhomogeneously polarized vector vortex modes in few mode optical fiber

  • C. Hari Krishna
  • Sourabh RoyEmail author


We have demonstrated the generation of inhomogeneously polarized vector-vortex modes in a step index, few mode fiber other than well-known zeroth order vector modes such as radial, azimuthal and hybridly polarized modes. These vector-vortex modes are generated by the combination of orthogonal linearly polarized fiber modes with diagonal and anti-diagonal polarization vector. The generation of these modes is controlled by the coupling conditions and state of polarization at the input fiber end. A single half-wave plate is used at the input end to switch between modes of orthogonal polarization for both linearly polarized modes and inhomogeneously polarized vector-vortex modes. All the generated modes are analysed using Stokes formalism by obtaining spatial polarization maps and ellipse orientation maps. The obtained experimental results are found to be in good agreement with the simulated results.


Few-mode optical fiber Vector-vortex modes Polarization Stokes analysis 



Authors are thankful to Prof. E. J. Galvez of Colgate University and Dr. Vijay Kumar for help in Matlab coding. Thanks are due to Dr. Onkar Nath Verma and Dr. P. Kishore for constructive comments on the manuscript. One of the author (CHK) acknowledges Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India for research fellowship.


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