Photonic generation of millimeter-wave ultra-wideband monocycle signal using up-conversion based on stimulated Brillouin scattering effect

  • Cong Du
  • Yue Wang
  • Di Wang
  • Qiang Li
  • Xian Sun
  • Wei DongEmail author
  • Xindong ZhangEmail author


We propose a novel scheme for photonic generation of millimeter-wave (MMW) ultra-wideband monocycle signal free of strong local oscillation (LO) and low-frequency component. A theory and a mathematical model are built to investigate the proposed scheme. Firstly, a differentiator is implemented using a dual-drive Mach–Zehnder modulator to attain monocycle pulses by differentiating a series of Gauss pulses. Subsequently, a dual-parallel Mach–Zehnder modulator and stimulated Brillouin scattering effect are employed to realize single-sideband modulation for up-converting the monocycle pulses to the MMW band. In the calculation, the generated signal is centered at 26 GHz with 10-dB bandwidth of 7 GHz and its power efficiency is about 50.08%. In addition, on–off keying modulation, amplitude modulation (PAM) and pulse position modulation monocycle pulses are generated. The spectrum of the generated signal meets with the FCC mask efficiently, so this technique has a potential application in MMW radar communication systems.


Millimeter-wave ultra-wideband (MMW-UWB) Frequency up-conversion Stimulated Brillouin scattering Single sideband modulation 



This work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61875070), the Science and technology Development Plan of Jilin Province (Grant Nos. 20160519010JH, 20170204006GX, 20180201032GX), and the Science and Technology Project of Education Department of Jilin Province (Grant No. JJKH20190110KJ).


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  1. 1.State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, College of Electronic Science and EngineeringJilin UniversityChangchunChina

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