Spatial characteristics of the truncated circular Airyprime beam

  • Abdelhalim BencheikhEmail author


The circular Airyprime (CiAiP) beam is introduced in this paper. The spatial proprieties are well discussed and compared to the first order radial Laguerre–Gaussian beam LG10. The width, the divergence and the beam propagation factor are calculated based on the second order moments method, the latter is equal to M2 = 3.08. The free propagating CiAiP beam exhibits an unexpected non-diffracting character, it doesn’t spread through propagation. The on-axis intensity of the focused circular Airyprime beam is also explored, it exhibits a dual focus corresponding to two on-axis intensity maxima, it could be modified under diffraction using a hard circular aperture. The latter presents a cheap beam shaper, it is shown that a hard aperture could transform an input circular Airyprime beam into perfect ringed beam, a perfect Gaussian beam and a top hat beam. By combining the axial and the transversal behavior of a truncated circular Airyprime beam for a particular aperture diameter a perfect cylindrical optical bottle beam is obtained. The present work could be of big interest in the field of structured light.


Circular Airyprime beam Propagation and focusing Beam shaping 


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  1. 1.Department of Electromechanics, Faculty of Sciences and TechnologyUniversity of BBABordj Bou ArréridjAlgeria
  2. 2.Applied Optics Laboratory, Institute of Optics and Precision MechanicsSétif 1 UniversitySétifAlgeria

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