Ellipsometry of anisotropic graphene-like two-dimensional materials on transparent substrates

  • Peep AdamsonEmail author


New possibilities for determining anisotropic properties of the dielectric constants of two-dimensional materials by ellipsometry are developed. Graphene-like 2D materials are considered within the framework of macroscopic electrodynamics as ultrathin absorbing anisotropic films where the optical axis is perpendicular to the film surface. The ellipsometric inversion problem is resolved analytically. The resulting inversion formulas are very fast because they allow you to directly calculate the complex anisotropic dielectric constants without the use of sophisticated regression analysis or iterative root-finding procedures. In particular, the method offers an interest in graphene and related 2D materials because the anisotropic properties of such materials have not been studied to date.


Ellipsometry Graphene Two-dimensional materials Optical properties 



The research was supported by the Estonian Research Project IUT2-24.


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