Circuitry of multiplexer-on-chip system within the micro-LED array manufacturing CMOS substrate

  • Jian-Chiun LiouEmail author
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In this paper, this research is after the process CMOS driver substrate. It is the use of A Benzocyclobutene polymer thin films planarization coating material in elements of the LED array manufacturing process. This CMOS driver circuit is a mode architecture that uses serial input data and parallel output data. It is the use of shift registers and latch circuit cell to form the overall system chip. The current density of the microcrystalline LED elements of each size is the same condition. The current density of a single 16 μm microcrystalline LED pixel driven by a 2.85 V drive circuit board is about 2.69 μA.


CMOS LED Circuitry Multiplexer Manufacturing 



This work was supported by MOST 106-2221-E-038-024.


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