40 Gbps–80 GHz PSK-MDM based Ro-FSO transmission system

  • Sushank ChaudharyEmail author
  • Bangjiang Lin
  • Xuan TangEmail author
  • Xian Wei
  • Zhenlei Zhou
  • Chun Lin
  • Min Zhang
  • Haiguang Zhang


Bandwidth shortage of wireless carriers is a global issue that has further led to investigating the use of millimeter wave (mm-wave) in broadband cellular communication infrastructure. Radio over free space (Ro-FSO) optical system provides seamless integration of radio and optical platforms and makes it suitable for millimeter applications. This work is focused on transmission of two phase shift key encoded independent radio channels, each carrying 20 Gbps–40 GHz data, by mode division multiplexing of two modes: Laguarre Gaussian (LG) 00 and Hermite Gaussian (HG) 01. Furthermore, the modal decomposition of both channels is reported in terms of power coupling coefficient.


Radio over free space (Ro-FSO) Phase shift key (PSK) Laguerre Gaussian mode Hermite Gaussian mode Mode division multiplexing 


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