An iterative algorithm for solving split equality fixed point problems for a class of nonexpansive-type mappings in Banach spaces

  • C. E. Chidume
  • O. M. RomanusEmail author
  • U. V. Nnyaba
Original Paper


In this paper, an iterative algorithm that approximates solutions of split equality fixed point problems (SEFPP) for quasi-ϕ-nonexpansive mappings is constructed. Weak convergence of the sequence generated by this algorithm is established in certain real Banach spaces. The theorem proved is applied to solve split equality problem, split equality variational inclusion problem, and split equality equilibrium problem. Finally, some numerical examples are given to demonstrate the convergence of the algorithm. The theorems proved improve and complement a host of important recent results.


Quasi-ϕ-nonexpansive mappings Split equality fixed point problem Iterative algorithm 


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