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When does a periodic response exist in a periodically forced multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical system?

  • Thomas BreunungEmail author
  • George Haller
Original paper


While periodic responses of periodically forced dissipative nonlinear mechanical systems are commonly observed in experiments and numerics, their existence can rarely be concluded in rigorous mathematical terms. This lack of a priori existence criteria for mechanical systems hinders definitive conclusions about periodic orbits from approximate numerical methods, such as harmonic balance. In this work, we establish results guaranteeing the existence of a periodic response without restricting the amplitude of the forcing or the response. Our results provide a priori justification for the use of numerical methods for the detection of periodic responses. We illustrate on examples that each condition of the existence criterion we discuss is essential.


Nonlinear oscillations Periodic response Global analysis Harmonic balance Existence criterion 



We are thankful to Florian Kogelbauer and Walter Lacarbonara for fruitful discussion on this work.


We received no funding for this study.

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