Fast Synchronization of Complex Networks via Aperiodically Intermittent Sliding Mode Control

  • Yihan Fan
  • Jun Mei
  • Hongmei Liu
  • Yuling FanEmail author
  • Fuxiang Liu
  • Yanjuan Zhang


In the literature, a lot of work focused on studying intermittent control problems via feedback control strategy. No study on the intermittent control problems via sliding mode control method has been reported so far. This paper studies the problem of fast synchronization between two complex dynamical networks via aperiodically intermittent control and sliding mode control. In order to achieve fast synchronization of complex dynamical networks by using aperiodically intermittent sliding mode controller, new differential inequalities are derived firstly. After that, some sufficient finite-time synchronization criteria and finite-time achieving slide mode surface are obtained based on finite-time stability theory, aperiodically intermittent sliding mode control technique and constructing Lyapunov function. Finally, an example is provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed theoretical methods.


Complex networks Fast synchronization Aperiodically intermittent control Sliding mode control 



The authors would like to thank the editor and the anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and constructive suggestions. This research is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11771172, 11871305, 61903149, 61907021), Humanity and Social Science foundation of MOE of China (20171304).


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  • Jun Mei
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  • Hongmei Liu
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  • Yuling Fan
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