Natural Resources Research: Acknowledgement of Reviewers in 2018


Improving and maintaining the standard of papers in this journal depend on the selfless time and effort of the many scientists who review manuscripts. We acknowledge and thank the following individuals for reviewing manuscripts submitted to our journal during 2018; some of them have reviewed more than one manuscript.

M. Abdideh

R.A. Abdullah

M. Abedi (5×)

C. Accastello

F. Agterberg (4×)

T. Aifa

M. Akal

O. Akkoyun

A.M. Al-Abadi (2×)

M.T.D. Albuquerque

H. Alçiçek

M. Aldhaheri

J.A. Almeida (2×)

J. Álvarez-Mozos

A. Amici

M. Amiri

T. Ammar

S.T. Anderson

A.I.A.S.S. Andrade

A. Arab Ameri

Z. Arétouyap

D.M. Arias

D.J. Armaghani

D.J. Armaghani

D. Arne

J.C. Arranz-González

H. Asadi Haroni

J. Asfahani (2×)

M.A. Asghar Mokhtari

O. Asghari (2×)

M. Assareh

A. Atashnezhad

A.A. Awotunde

G. Aydin

H. Bakhshandeh Amnieh

S. Bandyopadhyay

E. Bardsley (2×)

G. Bartzas (2×)

E. Baykiev

E. Bedini

H. Behmanesh

E. Ben-Awuah

G. Besio

F. Bilim

A. Billay

A. Biswas (4×)

W. Bohon

J. Boisvert

G.F. Bonham-Carter (3×)


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© International Association for Mathematical Geosciences 2019

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