Review of V2O5-based nanomaterials as electrode for supercapacitor

  • Dandan Chen
  • Jiangfeng LiEmail author
  • Qingsheng Wu


Supercapacitor has recently received more and more extensive attention of researchers worldwide. V2O5 as an ideal electrode for supercapacitor has attracted great attention due to its mixed oxidation states, natural abundance, high capacitance, and great energy density. In this review, the effect of the morphology, structure, and composition of V2O5-based nanomaterials as electrode has been discussed. Besides, the symmetric and asymmetric supercapacitors using V2O5-based nanocomposites as electrode show high-energy density and wide voltage window, which can compete with batteries.


V2O5 Nanomaterials Heterostructures Supercapacitor Energy storage 


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