Confeito-like Au/TiO2 nanocomposite: synthesis and plasmon-induced photocatalysis

  • Nasim Kamely
  • Masaki UjiharaEmail author
Research Paper


Nanocomposites of confeito-like Au nanoparticles (CAuNPs) and TiO2 were synthesized under different irradiation conditions (darkness, UV light, and visible light) and time spans by the reaction of a Ti-citrate-peroxo complex with CAuNPs. The TiO2 synthesized under irradiation formed mesoporous films with embedded CAuNPs. The photocatalytic activity of the CAuNP/TiO2 nanocomposites was measured by the degradation of methylene blue (MB) under different irradiation conditions (darkness, UV light, and visible light). The results demonstrated that the bare CAuNPs decomposed MB under visible light and that this activity was enhanced by hybridization with TiO2. The activity of the CAuNPs was associated with the plasmon-induced effect, which the TiO2 enhanced by suppressing electron-hole recombination via acceptance of the hot electrons from the CAuNPs. This synergistic effect of the CAuNP/TiO2 nanocomposite varied with the amount of TiO2, and a thick layer of TiO2 decreased the activity as the surface of the CAuNPs was covered by TiO2. This behavior indicates that to design effective plasmonic devices and catalysts, an optimum balance between the amounts of CAuNPs and TiO2 must be achieved.


Gold nanoparticle Titanium dioxide Citrate-peroxo complex Localized surface plasmon Photocatalyst 



Au nanoparticle


Confeito-like Au nanoparticle


Citric acid


High-resolution transmission electron microscopy


Methylene blue


Scanning electron microscopy


Transmission electron microscopy


Ultraviolet-visible-near infrared



This study was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (106-2221-E-011-164-).

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