Survey on Single Image based Super-resolution — Implementation Challenges and Solutions

  • Amanjot SinghEmail author
  • Jagroop Singh


Super-resolution includes the techniques which deal with the methods of converting the low-resolution image into the high-resolution image. In this paper, various challenges affecting the implementation of Super-Resolution (SR) along with the detailed survey of SR implementation methods have been presented. Different issues related to the SR have been explored from literature which are limiting the SR implementations. Besides, there are also various techniques to implement the SR, detailed survey of these techniques along with comparison, have been included in this paper. In this work main focus has been given to a single image based super-resolution as it is the more practical type of super-resolution. The basic purpose of the paper is exploring the various possibilities of SR along with practical constraints.


Super-resolution Low-resolution (LR) High-resolution(HR) 



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