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An efficient optimal multilevel image thresholding with electromagnetism-like mechanism

  • Ashish Kumar BhandariEmail author
  • Neha Singh
  • Swapnil Shubham


Segmentation process is considered a major part of various image-processing applications due to its extreme inspiration on the subsequent image analysis. Thresholding is one of the simplest techniques for segmentation. In this paper, Renyi’s entropy is combined with electromagnetism-like mechanism optimization (EMO) to perform multilevel thresholding based color image segmentation. For statistical independent subsystems, Renyi’s entropy shows an extensive property and is applied to find best threshold value for image segmentation. The entropic parameter α can handle the additive information that is existent in the image. The feasibility of the EMO-Renyi’s based approach has been tested on various satellite and standard color images with bat algorithm (BAT), backtracking search algorithm (BSA), firefly algorithm (FA), particle swarm optimization (PSO), and wind driven optimization (WDO) for solving the multilevel color image thresholding problem. The analysis based on statistics of different optimization algorithms indicates the proposed EMO-Renyi’s algorithm to be more robust and precise for multilevel color image segmentation problem. These claims have been confirmed by comparing fidelity parameters such as mean error (ME), mean squared error (MSE), peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), feature similarity index (FSIM), structure similarity index (SSIM) and entropy. Experiments on standard daily-life color images are conducted to prove the effectiveness of the proposed scheme. The results show that the proposed method can produce more promising segmentation results from the aspect of objective and subjective observations.


Image segmentation Electromagnetism-like mechanism Renyi’s entropy Tsallis entropy Kapur’s entropy 



The authors wish to thank all reviewers, editor and associate editor for their fruitful comments and suggestions for significant improvement of the manuscript.


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