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Intra mode selection using classical secretary problem (CSP) in high efficiency video coding (HEVC)

  • Junaid TariqEmail author


In order to support fast distribution of multimedia contents on social media and internet, a fast intra mode decision strategy is proposed in this article to reduce the encoding time of multimedia contents by removing the brute force intra mode selection procedure of HEVC. This article, firstly, improves the performance of the rough-mode-decision (RMD) component of HEVC by constructing the candidate intra mode list by employing a new measure that is fusion of the Hadamard-cost and the statistical-inference formed using spatial/ temporal information. Later, an optimal stopping point prediction model is constructed that outperforms the existing optimal stopping models proposed for HEVC by giving promising balance between the increase in bit-rate and the decrease in complexity. Finally, an early intra mode termination is predicted using the proposed optimal stopping model. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed model has a wide application and provides early termination for a generic class of decision problems.


Video coding Image coding HEVC Fast intra mode Optimal stopping theory 



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