Identification of grape diseases using image analysis and BP neural networks

  • Juanhua Zhu
  • Ang WuEmail author
  • Xiushan Wang
  • Hao Zhang


Prevention and treatment of diseases are critical to improve grape yield and quality. Automatic identification of grape diseases is important to prevent insect pests timely and effectively. This study proposed an automatic detection method for grape leaf diseases based on image analysis and back–propagation neural network (BPNN). The Wiener filtering method based on wavelet transform was applied to denoise the disease images. The grape leaf disease regions were segmented by Otsu method, and morphological algorithms were used to improve the lesion shape. Prewitt operator was utilized to extract the complete edge of lesion region. Five effective characteristic parameters, namely, perimeter, area, circularity, rectangularity, and shape complexity, were extracted. The proposed recognition model for grape leaf diseases based on BPNN could efficiently inspect and recognize five grape leaf diseases: leaf spot, Sphaceloma ampelinum de Bary, anthracnose, round spot, and downy mildew. Results indicated that the proposed detection system for grape leaf diseases could be used to inspect grape diseases with high classification accuracy.


Grape diseases Characteristic extraction Image analysis Wavelet transform BP neural network 



This research is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. U1304305); Scientific Research Tackling Key Subject of Henan Province (No. 142102310550, No. 162102110122, No. 172102210300, No. 182102110116); Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province (No. 142300410419); Key Project of Science and Technology Research of Henan Province Education Department (No. 14B416006, No. 15A416001, No. 16A510028).


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