Large scale image retrieval with DCNN and local geometrical constraint model

  • Huabing ZhouEmail author
  • Yiwei Tao
  • Jinshu Shi
  • Xiaolin Li
  • Deng Chen
  • Yanduo Zhang
  • Liang Xie


Image retrieval, which refers to browse, search and retrieve the images of the same scene or object from a large database of digital images, has attracted increasing interests in recent years. This paper proposes a coarse-to-fine method for fast indexing with Deep Convolutional Neural Network(DCNN) and Local Geometrical Constraint Model. We first use a vector quantized DCNN feature descriptors and exploit enhanced Locality-sensitive hashing(LSH) techniques for fast coarse-grained retrieval. Then, we focus on obtaining high-precision preserved matches for fine-grained retrieval. This is formulated as a maximum likelihood estimation of a Bayesian model with latent variables indicating whether matches in the putative set are inliers or outliers. We impose the non-parametric global geometrical constraints on the correspondence using Tikhonov regularizers in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space. To ensure the well-posedness of the problem, we develop a local geometrical constraint that can preserve local structures among neighboring feature points, and it is also robust to a large number of outliers. The problem is solved by using the Expectation Maximization algorithm. Extensive experiments on real near-duplicate images for both feature matching and image retrieval demonstrate that the results of the proposed method outperform current state-of-the-art methods.


Image retrieval Coarse-to-fine DCNN Local geometrical constraint model 



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  2. 2.School of EngineeringThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyClear Water Bay, KowloonChina
  3. 3.Department of MathematicsWuhan University of TechonologyWuhanChina

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