Image mapping system for simulating ceramic environments

  • Inmaculada RemolarEmail author
  • Miguel Chover
  • Cristina Rebollo
  • Cristina Gasch


Minimizing costs and increasing sales are a goal for every busi- ness nowadays. This fact, together with the development of new technologies, have driven the emergence of virtual applications where the customers can configure the product they are interested in only interacting with the images where the products appear. Many applications are available on Internet or app stores for this purpose. In all of them, a high realism is required. However, this fact is directly related to a high cost of storage of data and to the difficulty of generating the images of the scenes where the product is exposed. This paper presents a virtual configurator addressed to tile factories that solves these problems maintaining a high realism. The developed application generates the configurable images by rendering 3D modeled environments and the customization is performed taking advantage of the graphics hardware. It is in charge of performing the tiling of any size tiles in real time. The presented image mapping system is based on the real measurements of the walls or floor of the environment that appear in the image and on the dimensions of the tile to map. Taking these data into account, the application performs the final appearance adapting the final image to the requirements of the user. The presented method reduces the amount of stored information maintaining the realism of the customized images.


Image composition Virtual composing Virtual design Automatic tiling 



This work was supported by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (Project TIN2016-75866-C3-1-R).


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