Accelerate neural style transfer with super-resolution

  • Zuoxin Li
  • Fuqiang ZhouEmail author
  • Lu Yang
  • Xiaojie Li
  • Juan Li


Style transfer is a task of migrating a style from one image to another. Recently, Full Convolutional Network (FCN) is adopted to create stylized images and make it possible to perform style transfer in real-time on advanced GPUs. However, problems are still existing in memory usage and time-consumption when processing high-resolution images. In this work, we analyze the architecture of the style transfer network and divide it into three parts: feature extraction, style transfer, and image reconstruction. And a novel way is proposed to accelerate the style transfer operation and reduce the memory usage at run-time by conducting the super-resolution style transfer network (SRSTN), which can generate super-resolution stylized images. Compared with other style transfer networks, SRSTN can produce competitive quality resulting images with a faster speed as well as less memory usage.


Deep learning Style transfer Neural network optimization Image generation Single image super-resolution 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61372177).


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  • Fuqiang Zhou
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  • Lu Yang
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  • Xiaojie Li
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