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Adaptive low cost algorithm for video stabilization

  • Giuseppe SpampinatoEmail author
  • Arcangelo Bruna
  • Filippo Naccari
  • Valeria Tomaselli


Video stabilization is a technique used to compensate user hand shaking. It avoids grabbing the unintentional motion in a video sequence, which causes unpleasant effects for the final user. In this paper we present a very simple but effective low power consumption solution, suitable for cheap and small video cameras, running at 31 fps for a VGA sequence with a simple ARM926EJ-S. The proposed solution is robust to common difficult conditions, like noise perturbations, illumination changes, motion blurring and rolling shutter distortions.


Video stabilization Characteristics curves IIR filters FIR filters Curves matching 



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  1. 1.ST Microelectronics, Advanced System Technology, Imaging GroupCataniaItaly

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