Secure data hiding techniques: a survey

  • Laxmanika Singh
  • A. K. SinghEmail author
  • P. K. Singh


This article presents a detailed discussion of different prospects of digital image watermarking. This discussion of watermarking included: brief comparison of similar information security techniques, concept of watermark embedding and extraction process, watermark characteristics and applications, common types of watermarking techniques, major classification of watermarking attacks, brief summary of various secure watermarking techniques. Further, potential issues and some existing solutions are provided. Furthermore, the performance comparisons of the discussed techniques are presented in tabular format. Authors believe that this article contribution will provide as catalyst for potential researchers to implement efficient watermarking systems.


Watermarking Steganography Cryptography Robustness Imperceptibility 



The authors thank the potential reviewer’s for their constructive comments and suggestions that greatly contributed to improving this article.


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