Multimedia based intelligent network big data optimization model

  • Lingjuan TaiEmail author
  • Linhong Li
  • Jun Du


The data of a city space is very large. In the city, there are tens of the thousands of sensors of video, audio and image at the same time. Real-time communication and reception of relevant information are carried out. Real-time monitoring of key areas and key persons and real-time warning information, of course, these operations are in the protection of the privacy and the security monitoring object under the premise of intelligent application analysis. To solve this challenge, this paper proposes the multimedia based intelligent network big data optimization model. To make the game decision between service behavior and ethnic behavior and to achieve a comparison between the specific behaviors in the action domain, two behavior comparison criteria need to be defined. The data level includes the data layer memory module and the forwarding module. The data layer memory module is used to store the content of the service, and the forward module is used to forward the data. Forward when the data flows through the module, the data layer memory modules can be according to the requirements of component control level and store the corresponding service content, and further described the service identification and service information notices to component level control. The intelligent multimedia information processing technology used in multimedia sensor networks should take into account two factors: one is the complexity of the processing, the computing power of the multimedia sensor nodes is limited, and the overly complicated processing technology is not suitable; and the second is the multimedia sensor network features and application requirements. The proposed method dealt with the challenges well, the validation proves the robustness.


Intelligent network Data mining Big data Optimization model Soft computing Multimedia systems 



This research is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (71463032): Research on Sustainable Development of Yunnan Mountain Agriculture Based on Hypernetwork.


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