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Visual tracking based on adaptive interacting multiple model particle filter by fusing multiples cues

  • Younes DhassiEmail author
  • Abdellah Aarab


In visual tracking topic, developing a robust tracking method is very challenging, seen that there are many issues to look at, particularly, fast motion, target appearance changing, background clutter and camera motion. To override these problems, we present a new object tracking method with the fusion of interacting multiple models (IMM) and the particle filter (PF). First, the IMM is applied with a bank of parallel H∞ filter to estimate the global motion, the target motion is efficiently represented using only two parametric single models, and an adaptive strategy is preformed to adjust automatically the parameters of the two sub models at each recursive time step. Second, the particle filter is performed to estimate the local motion, we fuse the color and texture features to describe the appearance of the tracked object, we use the alpha Gaussian mixture model (α-GMM) to model the color feature distribution, the parameter α allows the probability function to possesses a flatter distribution, and the texture feature is represented by the distinctive uniform local binary pattern histogram (DULBP) based on the uniform local binary pattern (ULBP) operator; we fuse then the two features to represent the target’s appearance under the particle filter framework. We conduct quantitative and qualitative experiments on a variety of challenging public sequences; the results show that our method performs robustly and demonstrates strong accuracy.


Visual tracking Particle filter Interactive multiple model Gaussien mixture model Expectation maximization 


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