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Multi-scale CNNs for 3D model retrieval

  • Weizhi NieEmail author
  • Shu Xiang
  • Anan Liu


Recent advancements in low-cost 3D sensors and mobile devices of virtual 3D models have additionally facilitated the accessibility of 3D data. 3D model retrieval is becoming an indispensable function for modern search engines. An effective retrieval model is at the core of computer vision. With the continuous improvement of 3D data, there are large number of methods to solve this problem. Existing works proposed numerous works to deal with feature extraction and object matching. Most of them are unable to fully exploit the information of 3D representations. To address this problem, we propose a novel multi-layer deep network in this paper. First, multiple rendered images are extracted from a 3D object, and combined into one representative view, which is the actual input of the network. Then, the novel multi-layer network structure is trained and tested on these representative views, generating the feature leaning model, which owns the local and global information of a 3D object. Finally, simple Euclidean metric is used to compute the similarity between two different 3D models to complete the retrieval problem. Extensive experiments and corresponding experimental results have demonstrated the superiority of our approach.


3D model retrieval CNN multi-view Multi-scale 



The work is partially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61502337).


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