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3D model retrieval via single image based on feature mapping

  • Anan Liu
  • Nannan Liu
  • Weizhi NieEmail author
  • Yuting Su


With the development of manufacture, more and more 3D models are generated by users and many differnet factories. 3D model retrieval has been receiving more and more attention in computer vision and the field of data analysis. In this paper, we propose a novel 3D model retrieval algorithm by cross-modal feature mapping (CMFM), which utilize one single image as query information to address 3D model retrieval problem. Specifically, in this paper, we first proposed to leverage 2D image to handle 3d model retrieval problem, which is one new problem in this field. The proposed feature learning method can benefit: 1) avoiding the interference of query image recorded by different visual sensor; 2) handling cross-modal data retrieval by simple computer vision technologies, which can guarantee the performance of retrieval and also control that the retrieval time hold a low level; 3) the low complexity of this method can guarantee that this method can be applied in many fields. Finally, we validate the retrieval method on three popular datasets. Extensive comparison experiments show the superiority of the proposed mehtod. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first method to handle 3D model retreival based on one single 2D image.


3D model retrieval View-based Feature mapping/learning Iteration optimization CNN 


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