A low-cost projector-based hand-held flexible display system


In this paper, we propose a low-cost hand-held flexible display system which uses a projector to project display content onto an ordinary white paper that can be twisted freely. The ultimate goal is to develop an interactive viewing tool for displaying content on flexible surface that can be deformed by the user, i.e., when the user twists the paper, the display content on the paper deforms simultaneously. This system has a lot of potential in the entertainment and education industries. A pair of cameras is employed to track the pattern printed on the back of paper. The cameras and the projector are calibrated off-line via a simple and convenient method. A real-time algorithm is proposed to recover the 3D surface of the paper. The display content is then pre-warped according to the recovered surface and projected onto the front of the paper. Two demonstrative applications are elaborated to illustrate the potential of the proposed system. Our system is easy to set up and runs in real-time. Experimental results show that the flexible display is created with satisfactory accuracy and robustness.

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Correspondence to Zhaorong Li.

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Li, Z., Wong, K., Gong, Y. et al. A low-cost projector-based hand-held flexible display system. Multimed Tools Appl 59, 129–148 (2012).

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  • Flexible display
  • Interactive display system
  • Multi-view reconstruction
  • 3D non-rigid surface tracking