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Smaclad: Secure Mobile Agent Based Cross Layer Attack Detection and Mitigation in Wireless Network

  • S. NithyaEmail author
  • C. Gomathy


Threats in wireless network are common these days and when it comes to security threats their consequences are countless. Some of the most commonly witnessed security threats are route manipulation and jamming. There are several researches that are proposed to even more enhance the efficiency of these attacks against their counterfeit. The recently proposed and the most challenging threat is the cross-layer attack. Though we have solutions for single-layer attacks there are very few or no satisfactory methods to detect and counter-attack the cross-layer attacks. With this as the main goal for this paper we proposed a novel framework that secures the wireless network from cross-layer attacks. This proposal concentrates on both detecting and mitigating the attack. The former one is based on Bayesian learning detecting scheme and the later on is constructed to enhance security and performance of the network. The composed protocol is tested on a framework with cross layer attack that utilizes jamming.


Wireless sensor networks Intrusion detection system Cross layer architecture WSN security 


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  1. 1.SRM Institute of Science & TechnologyChennaiIndia
  2. 2.SRM Institute of Science & TechnologyChennaiIndia

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