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Molecular characterization and marker development for high molecular weight glutenin subunit 1Dy12** from Yunnan hulled wheat

  • Xuye Du
  • Junmei Hu
  • Xin Ma
  • Jiefang He
  • Wenqian Hou
  • Juan Guo
  • Cunyao Bo
  • Hongwei Wang
  • Anfei Li
  • Lingrang KongEmail author


High molecular weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GSs) play an important role in affecting dough viscoelasticity and extensibility. In this work, the novel HMW-GS gene 1Dy12** in Yunnan hulled wheat was cloned and characterized, and the molecular marker for identifying this gene was developed. SDS-PAGE analysis indicated that the mobility of 1Dy12** was the same as that of 1Dy12. The coding sequence of 1Dy12** was 1953 bp, which was 33 bp less than that of 1Dy12. 1Dy12** possessed 649 amino acid residues and showed a similar molecular structure to the published y-type subunit. It possessed four domains: a signal peptide, a conservative N-terminal domain, a large repetitive domain, and a conservative C-terminal domain. Eight cysteine residues were present in 1Dy12**, which was one more than the conserved number of cysteine residues in the y-type subunit. In vitro SDS-sedimentation tests demonstrated that 1Dy12** could bring higher SDS-sedimentation volumes than those of 1Dy10 or 1Dy12. A set of functional markers for the 1Dy12** gene was developed and validated on 36 bread wheat varieties with different Glu-1 alleles and 48 recombinant inbred lines derived by Yunnan hulled wheat and Yanzhan 1. The markers could effectively distinguish 1Dy12** from other HMW-GS genes and, thus, provide a useful tool for marker-assisted selection in wheat quality improvement programs.


Yunnan hulled wheat HMW-GS 1Dy12** Marker-assistance selection 



The authors would like to thank Xiaoxiao Hong from Guizhou Medical University for the antibody preparing.

Funding information

This research was financially supported by grants from 973 Program (2014CB138100), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31520103911, 31471488, and 31171553), the Doctor Foundation of Guizhou Normal University (2013, 2016), and the Guizhou Science and Technology Foundation (QKHJZLKS [2012] 21).

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  • Xuye Du
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  • Junmei Hu
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  • Xin Ma
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  • Jiefang He
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  • Wenqian Hou
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  • Juan Guo
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  • Cunyao Bo
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  • Hongwei Wang
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  • Anfei Li
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  1. 1.School of Life SciencesGuizhou Normal UniversityGuiyangPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Agronomy College, State Key Laboratory of Crop BiologyShandong Agricultural UniversityTai’anPeople’s Republic of China

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